Valérie Sibilia in Braquo
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    Valérie Sibilia

    Valérie Sibilia lying on her back naked, giving us a great close-up look at her bare breasts as a guy kisses down her stomach and then has sex with her. We then see her lying on her stomach asleep in bed, most of her left breast visible from the side. From Braquo.

    1:00 - 20.68 MB - 1280x720 px December 30th, 2009 @ 6:11 pm Valerie Sibilia - Braquo - S01E07.mp4

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Naamah Saint-Hilaire in Braquo
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    Naamah Saint-Hilaire

    Naamah Saint-Hilaire fully nude in a dressing room with a few other women who are escorted out when two guys arrive to talk with Naamah. She stands against a counter completely naked with some glitter on her nipples, her bush coming into view and then her butt, too, as she turns around and preps her hair in a mirror. From Braquo.

    1:00 - 20.66 MB - 1280x720 px December 30th, 2009 @ 6:09 pm Naamah Saint-Hilaire - Braquo - S01E07.mp4
Lilou Fogli in Braquo
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    Lilou Fogli

    Lilou Fogli walking topless into view wearing just a pair of panties as a couple guys turn to look at her in the cabin of a boat. We then get a closer view of her breasts as she grabs a shirt and puts it on. From Braquo.

    0:11 - 3.92 MB - 1280x720 px May 5th, 2016 @ 7:30 pm Lilou Fogli - Braquo - S01E02.mp4
Karole Rocher in Braquo
Sylvie Paupardin in Braquo