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    Alyss Winkler

    Alyss Winkler and numerous other women being gassed in a prison cell causing them to burst into a spontaneous orgy with several of them writhing around on the ground running their hands over their bodies including Alyss' nipples popping out of her dress a bit as well as Danielle Page (AKA Danielle McKay) and Layla Heather Pendley (credited as Layla Pendley) lesbian kissing and then scissoring each other all as Ellie Church and some guys watch. In order of appearance the women prisoners are: Janine Cygan, Alyss Winkler, Ellie Church, Danielle Page, Layla Heather Pendley, Kelsey Carlisle, and Chelsea Jean Millette. From Amazon Hot Box.

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Ellie Church in Amazon Hot Box
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    Ellie Church

    Ellie Church showing her ass while walking naked over to an elaborate machine and then sitting in a chair on it as the machine attaches tubes with suction cups to her nipples before it pulls away leaving bloody marks on her nipples until suddenly we see her covered in blood as the machine bursts into flames. From Amazon Hot Box.

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Miranda Meriwether in Amazon Hot Box
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    Miranda Meriwether

    Miranda Meriwether standing on a block of ice on top of a large table wearing a black and white striped dress that's hiked up with her ass hanging out of the bottom in black thong panties all as she dances slightly while Ellie Church talks with a guy on the other side of the table and then some other guys walk up and talk with them until finally they all get up to leave as Miranda is left standing on the ice. From Amazon Hot Box.

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