Garance Marillier in Madame Claude
Regina Anikiy in Madame Claude
  • Madame Claude

    Regina Anikiy

    Regina Anikiy giving a great close-up view of her breasts as Karole Rocher checks her out, smacking Regina's breasts to see how they jiggle and squeezing them together. Regina then walks around the room a bit with her dress around her waist. From Madame Claude.

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Mylène Jampanoï in Madame Claude
  • Madame Claude

    Mylène Jampanoï

    Mylène Jampanoï lying on a bed with her robe open in front to expose her breasts as a guy binds her with robe, her breasts being squeezed together as she turns on her side. After a while, another guy shows up with a guy and takes the first guy out of view. From Madame Claude.

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Léa Rostain in Madame Claude
  • Madame Claude

    Léa Rostain

    Léa Rostain wearing a sheer blouse as she makes out with Garance Marillier in a club before we see the two girls naked in a threesome with a guy in bed, lit by alternating blue and red light. Léa shows her breasts and then her butt from the side as she climbs into bed before we see her riding the guy while Garance lies next to them. From Madame Claude.

Liah O'Prey in Madame Claude
  • Madame Claude

    Liah O'Prey

    Liah O'Prey sitting at a desk in a bra and panties before Karole Rocher leads her into a bathroom. There we see Karole instructing Liah how to wash herself between her legs and Liah goes bottomless, showing her butt from the side. From Madame Claude.

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