Magdalena Boczarska in Król
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    Magdalena Boczarska

    Magdalena Boczarska naked in a guy's lap having sex on a bed, giving a good look at her breasts when she lays back and the guy kisses her leg which is slung over his shoulder. We then see Magadalena dancing around the room with the guy while wearing a jacket over her shoulders with no shirt on underneath. Finally we see Magdalena lying topless in bed with him again, the guy reaching under the covers and pulling his hand out to discover blood on his fingers. From Król.

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Masza Wagracka in Król
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    Masza Wagracka

    Masza Wagracka bouncing naked in a guy's lap as they have energetic sex on a bed. We then see more of her breasts as she lies naked on her back afterward with the guy resting his head below her chest. Finally they are interrupted when another guy shows up pointing a gun at them. From Król.

    0:58 - 25.50 MB - 1920x816 px December 30th, 2020 @ 11:36 am Masza Wagracka - Krol - S01E07.mp4
Aleksandra Pisula in Król