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  • Deceptions

    Nicollette Sheridan

    Nicollette Sheridan of Desperate Housewives fame making out with a guy on a bed, straddling him and untying her robe as we see her in just her panties. We then see her naked as she kisses the guy, having sex in his lap with her butt and breast visible from the side. From Deceptions.

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  • Deceptions

    Nicollette Sheridan

    Nicollete Sheridan in a white robe that she drops to the floor and reveals her bare back before she steps into a shower. We then see her in the robe again after the shower as she walks up to a guy and makes out with him. The guy then slides hand up to lift her robe up a bit and expose some of her right butt cheek. She then makes out with him some more as we see her from the shoulder up when her robe comes off once again. From Deceptions.

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