Susannah Fielding

    Susannah Fielding straddling Shanika Warren-Markland as the girls lesbian kiss on a couch and begin to undress. Shanika gets down to a purple bra and panties as she watches Susannah shed her panties to flash bush and show her bare butt before dropping her bra, too. Susannah then leans over to make out with Shanika again and we see some quick cuts of the girls caressing and kissing each other while naked on the couch and also kissing in a club. From

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from The Knot
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    Susannah Fielding

    Susannah Fielding on all fours on a doctor's examination table, wearing a gown that is hiked up to her waist so her bare butt is up in the air. A group of girls then come in to talk to her and take pictures before the doctor examines her. From The Knot.

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