from El menor de los males (2007)
  • El menor de los males

    Verónica Echegui

    Verónica Echegui sitting on the edge of a pool table as she hikes up her dress and puts something between her legs, inviting a guy over to put his head between her legs and retrieve it with his teeth. She then kisses the guy and undresses, ending up naked on top of the table as she goes down on the guy and has sex with him in a variety of positions. We see her breasts and butt before the ceiling collapses and a guy falls through, prompting Verónica to cover up. Hi-res DVD capture from El menor de los males.

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from Me estás matando Susana (2016)
from Fortitude (2015)
from The Patients of Dr. Garcia (2023)
from La niebla y la doncella (2017)
from El Álbum Blanco (2005)
  • El Álbum Blanco

    Verónica Echegui

    Verónica Echegui of Fortitude fame seen in a black and white montage of a variety of scenes: first topless and in white panties as she teases a guy on a bed, then sitting up in his arms showing the side of her right breast, then bending over topless and putting on a white shirt, and then finally lying on her back with her arm pressed against her nipple. From the Spanish short film El Álbum Blanco.

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from Kamikaze (2014)
  • Kamikaze

    Verónica Echegui

    Verónica Echegui climbing into bed with a guy while in a white tanktop with slightly hard nipples and pink panties that show off her ass as she puts her leg across his body and cuddles with him. From Kamikaze.

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from Intimacy (2022)