from Black Robe (1991)
  • Black Robe

    Sandrine Holt

    Sandrine Holt of Runaway and 24 fame having her Indian outfit opened by a guy to reveal her breasts and then having them felt up and her nipples squeezed before getting on her knees and having sex from behind outdoors next to a fire. Hi-res DVD capture from Black Robe.

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from The L Word (2004)
  • The L Word

    Sandrine Holt

    Sandrine Holt and Rachel Shelley seated across from each other at a table as they play a game of strip poker. Rachel starts off in her black bra and panties before she is forced to remove the bra, giving us a quick peek at her nipples before she covers up. We then see Sandrine topless in just her panties before she ends up losing and is forced to remove those. Hi-res DVD capture from The L Word.

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from The Expanse (2015)