from Cam Girl (2014)
  • Cam Girl

    Romina Mosso Morais Gomes

    Romina Mosso Morais Gomes wearing skimpy gold shorts with her ass hanging out of the bottom with a black and white metallic top as she and several other women all dance around while making breakfast together before Antonia Liskova walks in wearing a pink long sleeve shirt with hard nipples and Alessia Piovan goes over to talk with her wearing red lingerie and an apron. Also in the scene are: Mia Mark (AKA Mija Marković, animal print bustier and panties), Clara Ventura (cupless bra with white hearts over her nipples), Cristina Puccinelli (Christmas themed red and white striped bra and pink ruffled panties), Ester Vinci (see-through black lace bra that shows her nipples underneath with a yellow skirt), and an unknown woman in a black bra who is sitting at the table. From Cam Girl.

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