from Nobody's Fool (1994)
from Diamond Men (2000)
  • Diamond Men

    Shannah Laumeister

    Shannah Laumeister (AKA Shannah Laumeister Stern) removing her robe to reveal her breasts to a guy who is lying on the bed looking up at them and at a large tattoo of an eye on her chest until suddenly he imagines the eye winking at him before she puts a condom into her mouth and sticks her tongue into it as she bends over to start going down on him only for him to suddenly panic and climb out of bed giving us another good look at her breasts as she sits up topless and pulls the condom out of her mouth. From Diamond Men. Updated to a higher quality and longer open matte version which shows significantly more of her breasts in close up as well as additional views of her breasts which were not visible on the original DVD.

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