from Silent Land (2021)
from Erotica 2022 (2020)
  • Erotica 2022

    Agnieszka Zulewska

    Agnieszka Zulewska lying in bed facing a guy before she puts her head in his lap and goes down on him. After a bit, she turns and lays back and the guy gives her oral sex in return as she rubs his head. She then flips over onto all fours and the guy has sex with her from behind. They then switch positions again and she rides him in reverse, leaning back with her breasts now free from her top so the guy can reach up to squeeze them. She then turns around and faces him while still on top, the guy squeezing her breast some more until both she and the guy reach orgasm together. From Erotica 2022.

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from High Water (2022)
  • High Water

    Agnieszka Zulewska

    Agnieszka Zulewska climbing into a guy's lap in an RV, pulling her shirt off in a hurry to reveal her bra and then briefly her left breast. The guy then lays her back and they have sex before being interrupted by a helicopter landing outside the vehicle. From High Water (AKA Wielka woda).

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from Love Tasting (2020)