from Eyo zvali Mumu (2016)
  • Eyo zvali Mumu

    Irina Butanaeva

    Irina Butanaeva topless and in skimpy black lace panties showing her breasts as she role-plays with a guy about when he was being attacked in the military all as he threatens her with a gun before Irina Vilkova walks in wearing panties and an army vest with nothing underneath and then pulls the pin on a fake grenade and throws it forcing the guy to grab Irina Butanaeva and rush across the room and push both of them down onto the ground causing him to suddenly start having a flashback to his military service and begin babbling and panicking all as Irina Vilkova holds Irina Butanaeva and comforts her. From Eyo zvali Mumu (AKA Her Name Was Mumu and They Called Her Mumu).

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