from Fair Trade (2021)
from What Men Do! 2 (2015)
  • What Men Do! 2

    Marina Shako

    Marina Shako having sex with a guy in a bar restroom while bent over with him behind her as she bounces around showing her breasts and then having sex up against a wall while facing him showing her left breast as she bounces around some more. While all of this is going on in the restroom, in the bar a second guy is having two different girls take turns going down on him as he talks with him, a third guy is doing body shots off of a topless waitress as she lies across the bar while he motorboats her breasts, and a fourth guy is playing drums on three women's asses as they bend over in thong panties. Interspersed with all of these scenes are two other unknown women dancing topless and in thong panties on top of the bar and two women in the crowd lesbian kissing each other. From What Men Do! 2 (AKA Chto tvoryat muzhchiny! 2 and Sex Competition 2).

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