from Shame (2011)
  • Shame

    Amy Hargreaves

    Amy Hargreaves standing fully nude with her hands against the glass of a high-rise hotel window as a guy has hard sex with her from behind, grabbing her right breast with one hand. Afterward, the guy sits back against the bed and Amy turns around, showing more full-frontal nudity as she puts on her panties and then walks out of the room. From Shame.

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from How He Fell in Love (2015)
from Brainscan (1994)
  • Brainscan

    Amy Hargreaves

    Amy Hargreaves sitting in front of a mirror in a white bra, which she stands up and removes, giving us a peek at her breasts through the window. Hi-res DVD capture from Brainscan.

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from Paint (2020)
  • Paint

    Amy Hargreaves

    Amy Hargreaves pulling her shirt off to reveal a bra as a guy takes pictures of her. She then unhooks and drops the bra, going topless as the guy follows her over to a couch where she lays back and and places her hand on his thigh as he continues to snap photos while kneeling over her. From Paint.

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from Sometime Other Than Now (2021)