from Sex and Lucia (2001)
from The Method (2005)
  • The Method

    Najwa Nimri

    Spanish singer and actress Najwa Nimri wearing a bra that allows her nipples to peek out as she stands in a bathroom. We then get a better look at her left nipple when she stands against the corner of a wall and a guy has sex with her from behind as she reaches between her legs to rub herself with her hand. Hi-res DVD capture from The Method (AKA El método).

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from Abre los ojos (1997)
  • Abre los ojos

    Najwa Nimri

    Najwa Nimri making out with a guy before ending up on her back under him as they have sex that gets rougher and rougher until the guy ends up smothering her with a pillow. We then see her breasts as she lies under the pillow afterward. From Abre los ojos. (AKA Open Your Eyes). Updated to higher quality.

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from Asfalto (2000)
  • Asfalto

    Najwa Nimri

    Najwa Nimri showing bare breasts as she kisses a guy and then lays back in bed. He then leans over and kisses her chest before they start to have sex, Najwa rolling over on top of him. We then see the guy holding her up as she bounces in his arms by a wall before finally returning to the bed. From Asfalto.

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  • Asfalto

    Najwa Nimri

    Najwa Nimri lying in bed with a guy and showing some side boob while pressed against him. She then turns and sits up, briefly showing her right breast before she puts on a sweater. She leaves the sweater unbuttoned in front and shows some pokey nipples and cleavage as she moves over to a touch and sits down, being joined by the guy. From Asfalto.

    1:49 - 104.26 MB - 1920x1038 px August 1st, 2023 @ 7:47 pm Najwa Nimri - Asfalto - 2.mp4
from Los amantes del Círculo Polar (1998)