from American Satan (2017)
  • American Satan

    Kristen Dugas

    Kristen Dugas (blonde) seen having an orgy on a bed with a guy and another unknown woman as they remove her bra to reveal her breasts and pierced left nipple and then have sex with her riding the guy for a while and then the unknown woman taking a brief turn having topless sex before Kristen goes back to riding him. At the same time in the room Acacia Brinley (credited as Acacia Brinley Clark) is on another bed in a black bra as Jesse Sullivan goes down on her during a lesbian experience. Lastly, another unknown woman is having sex with a different guy who is behind her while in an opened black jacket showing her breasts. Finally, Acacia's mom, played by Lesley Ann Braun (AKA Lesley Braun) is heard banging on the hotel room door, and then bursts in trying to save her daughter all while Kristen and the other people scramble naked to cover themselves up and get out. From American Satan.

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