from The Lucky Man (2017)
  • The Lucky Man

    Mariana Paola Vicente

    Mariana Paola Vicente talking to a guy while wrapped in a towel after a shower, dropping the towel to the floor and leaning over the guy as she makes out with him in bed, showing a good portion of her right breast from behind and the side as she and the guy have sex. We then see her on her back, one nipple patch peeking out from under the guy. Afterward, we see some nice cleavage from Mariana as she leans over the guy while in a low-cut dress. From The Lucky Man.

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from Self/less (2015)
  • Self/less

    Mariana Paola Vicente

    Mariana Paola Vicente standing at the foot of a bed as she removes her black dress and covers her breasts with her hands while talking with a guy and then climbing on top of him showing her ass in black thong panties and the sides of her breasts before giving us a better look at her breasts with pasties over her nipples as they make out. From Self/less.

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