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  • Lady in Cement

    Raquel Welch

    Raquel Welch swimming in a pool when a guy drives up near the house and walks over as she does some laps. As the guy nears the pool, Raquel lifts herself up on the ladder and shows some nice cleavage in her wet bikini. She then steps out of the pool completely and puts a towel over her shoulder as she sits down to talk to the guy. From Lady in Cement.

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from Shampoo
  • Shampoo

    Lee Grant

    Lee Grant sitting up in bed topless, showing her breasts from the side as she looks over at a bathroom and talks to a guy who is in there. The guy then emerges and Lee shows more of her breasts before she puts a bra on, reclining and smoking a cigarette as the guy leans over to kiss her in bed. A very dark scene that we have lightened to reveal Lee's nudity. From Shampoo.

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  • Shampoo

    Sharon Kelly

    Colleen Brennan (AKA Sharon Kelly) walking around at a party naked but for some green body paint, her nipples exposed as she is light by some strobe-like lighting. From Shampoo.

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