from The After
  • The After

    Arielle Kebbel

    Arielle Kebbel pulling off her panties to show bare butt and her left breast from the side before diving into a swimming pool naked. We then see her swimming across the pool, first from underwater, and then from above with her breasts visible through the water as she makes her way over to a guy and talks to him at the edge of the pool. The initial shot diving into the pool may be provided by a body double, but we can definitely see Arielle's breasts in the water as she swims. From The After.

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from Damage
from Banshee
  • Banshee

    Ivana Milicevic

    Ivana Milicevic standing naked in a shower, showing her bare butt from behind and then her breasts from the side as she stands under the running shower head in a prison. We then get another quick view of Ivana in a different shower from the front, her elbows partially obscuring her nipples. From Banshee.

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