from The Passion of Darkly Noon
from Alias
  • Alias

    Jennifer Garner

    Jennifer Garner taking a shower behind a clear slightly blurry curtain as a guy walks in on her and then peeking out from behind the curtain and talking with him for a bit giving us blurry look at her breasts through the curtain before wrapping a white towel around herself and stepping out of the shower. Hi-res DVD capture from Alias.

    Sexy 0:21 - 5.66 MB - 720x400 px May 4th, 2010 @ 11:32 pm JenniferGarner@Alias-25-CMA.mpg

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from The Shield
  • The Shield

    Louella Boquiren

    Louella Boquiren seen by a guy through a window having sex while riding a guy and then giving us a look at her ass and the side of her right breast while bouncing up and down up close before a guy walks in and interrupts them and she puts on a red robe giving us a brief glimpse of the white pastie over her right nipple. Hi-res DVD capture from The Shield.

    0:15 - 4.01 MB - 720x400 px May 4th, 2010 @ 11:30 pm LouellaBoquiren@TheShield-CMA.mpg

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from Veronica Mars