Emmanuelle Chriqui in The Borgias
  • The Borgias

    Emmanuelle Chriqui

    Emmanuelle Chriqui on her back underneath a guy as they have sex on a bed, her nightie falling off her shoulders to almost reveal her breasts. She then switches positions to on top of the guy, and we see the outline of her breast hanging down through her see-through nightie. Emmanuelle then moves to look out the window quickly, possibly flashing a bit of her left nipple and showing a good portion of her breasts as we get a look down her top. Emmanuelle then straddles the guy again, this time hiking up her nightie to reveal her bare butt as she swings her leg over the the guy and making out with him. From The Borgias.

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Holliday Grainger in The Borgias
Gina McKee in The Borgias
  • The Borgias

    Gina McKee

    Gina McKee wearing a see-through nightie through which we can see her breasts when she straddles a guy in bed. He then turns her onto her back and has sex with her, hiking the nightie up to her waist. We then see another scene with Gina showing pokey nipples in her nightie as she lies on her side in bed and the guy lies behind her and puts his hand down between her legs. From The Borgias.

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  • The Borgias

    Gina McKee

    Gina McKee having sex with a guy on the floor by a fireplace, first straddling him in his lap and then laying back, her left breast briefly coming free from her nightie. From The Borgias.

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Melia Kreiling in The Borgias
Montserrat Lombard in The Borgias
Ana Ularu in The Borgias
Ruta Gedmintas in The Borgias
Kellie Blaise in The Borgias
  • The Borgias

    Kellie Blaise

    Kellie Blaise kneeling on a bed as a guy has sex with her from behind and her dress hangs down off her shoulder to reveal her left breast. They are then interrupted briefly by someone entering the room before they take up again, Kellie now naked as she rides the guy. We then see Kellie lying nude on top of the guy after a chandelier has fallen down on top of them. From The Borgias.

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Jemima West in The Borgias
Lotte Verbeek in The Borgias
Réka Sinkó in The Borgias
Elena Argiros in The Borgias
Unknown in The Borgias