Christine Lakin in Valentine (2008)
Jaime Murray in Valentine (2008)
Noa Tishby in Valentine (2008)
  • Valentine (2008)

    Noa Tishby

    Noa Tishby wearing a low cut purple dress that shows some nice cleavage as she walks into a men's bathroom and zaps a guy with a laser gun and then bounces around the restroom passionately making out, licking him, and having him bite her lower lip, before she finally throws him to the ground and straddles him before shooting him again. From Valentine.

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Wynter Kullman in Valentine (2008)
Heather Ankeny in Valentine (2008)
Alyssa Diaz in Valentine (2008)
  • Valentine (2008)

    Alyssa Diaz

    Alyssa Diaz of Army Wives fame making out with a guy on a bed at first in a blue top and then in a grey bra and then having him start to pull her bra strap down before her phone rings and she sits up in the bed and puts her shirt back on. From Valentine.

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Wynn Everett in Valentine (2008)
  • Valentine (2008)

    Wynn Everett

    Wynn Everett of The Newsroom fame standing outside and starting to open her robe to reveal a green bikini before she gets startled by a guy and covers back up and then removing the robe completely and getting into a spa while slipping as she talks with him and tries to play it cool. From Valentine.

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Holly Valance in Valentine (2008)