from The Mummy (1999)
  • The Mummy (1999)

    Patricia Velasquez

    Patricia Velasquez naked in a loincloth with her body painted to look like she is wearing a fishnet outfit over her gold-painted skin. Patricia wears gold pasties over her nipples as she strides down a long corridor, showing off her butt from behind as some guys posing as statues watch her. She then approaches a guy in another room and kisses him before standing beside a real statue when yet another guy enters the room. From The Mummy.

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  • The Mummy (1999)

    Patricia Velasquez

    Patricia Velasquez wearing body paint with gold pasties over her nipples, walking down a hallway and then approaching a guy. From The Mummy.

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from Rescue Me
  • Rescue Me

    Patricia Velasquez

    Patricia Velasquez tying a guy up in bed before we see her pulling her dress off as she walks out of the bathroom, showing her bare butt. We then see more of Patricia naked from behind as she has sex with the guy in bed, riding him while holding a cigarette in one hand. From Rescue Me.

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from Mindhunters
  • Mindhunters

    Patricia Velasquez

    Patricia Velasquez of The Mummy fame making out with a guy in a shower and showing just a bit of her right nipple when he pins her against the wall and moves his arm up. From Mindhunters. Updated to higher quality and to an open matte version that shows more of her body and the tops of her breasts.

from Liz in September
from The L Word