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from The Abyss
  • The Abyss

    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio of Limitless fame lying next to some water and having her shirt ripped open by a guy to reveal her breasts and then having some electric paddles put on her chest and being shocked as they try and perform CPR on her. From The Abyss. Updated to higher quality and to an open matte version which shows more of the frame and a bit more of her breasts.

from Scarface
  • Scarface

    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

    Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio entering a room wearing an open robe that shows her panties and almost reveals her breasts as she approaches a guy's desk, firing a handgun randomly. Another guy then appears in the window and guns her down, her left breast coming into view briefly as she falls down against a chair on the floor and slumps over with her nipple in view. From Scarface.

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