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  • Untamed Heart

    Marisa Tomei

    Marisa Tomei walking into a bedroom with a guy, unbuttoning her shirt to reveal a white bra, and sitting down on the bed next to the guy. She then removes her bra, and we get a clear view of her bare breasts as she goes topless. The guy then puts his hand on her left breast and they embrace. This rare unedited scene shows nudity that was removed from the DVD release of the film. Good quality capture from Untamed Heart.

    2:32 - 36.14 MB - 704x400 px July 28th, 2008 @ 5:00 pm Marisa Tomei - Untamed Heart - Unedited.mpg
  • Untamed Heart

    Marisa Tomei

    Marisa Tomei taking off her bra and putting Christian Slater's hand on her breast, giving us a slight side-view. This scene contains better views of Marisa's white bra than the unedited widescreen version that we also feature. From Untamed Heart.

    Sexy 0:54 - 9.32 MB - 352x240 px June 26th, 2001 @ 9:55 am Marisa_Tomei01@Untamed_Heart-LunarScan50.mpg
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