from Body Heat
from Crimes of Passion
from A Breed Apart
from War of the Roses
from Julia and Julia
  • Julia and Julia

    Kathleen Turner

    Kathleen Turner flipping onto her back on a bed while in a bath robe, having a guy lean over her and kiss her before he pulls the robe down to give us a good view of her breasts and hard nipples, which he sucks on before kissing her again. They are then interrupted and Kathleen sits up, showing her breasts once more in the process. From Julia and Julia.

  • Julia and Julia

    Kathleen Turner

    Kathleen Turner seen topless when we first see her throwing her head back in slow motion while having sex on top of a guy. We then see her underneath the guy with her right breast in view, again in slow motion as it bounces. We then get a normal speed view as the guy has sweaty sex with her from behind while on top of her before she is seen under him once more, Kathleen moaning and breathing heavily. After they finish, Kathleen is shown lying on her back on the bed as the guy sits next to her. From Julia and Julia.

from Julia & Julia
from The Man with Two Brains
from Romancing the Stone
from Prizzi's Honor