from The Crush
from The Babysitter (1995)
from Cool and the Crazy
  • Cool and the Crazy

    Alicia Silverstone

    Alicia Silverstone wearing a red dress on a beach and having her breast felt by a guy and then taking the dress off and standing in a black bra and panties before removing the bra and kissing the guy giving us several long views of the side of her right breast from a distance. Hi-res DVD capture from Cool and the Crazy.

    2:53 - 41.42 MB - 640x480 px June 4th, 2005 @ 9:33 pm AliciaSilverstone@CoolandtheCrazy-CMA.mpg

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from True Crime
from Excess Baggage
from Clueless
  • Clueless

    Alicia Silverstone

    Alicia Silverstone falling down trying to catch a bouquet and spreading her legs for a brief panties crotch shot from Clueless.

    Sexy 0:10 - 0.90 MB - 640x480 px August 7th, 1999 @ 9:37 pm AS-Clue4.avi
from Fashion Police: Primetime Emmy Awards
from MTV Movie Awards
from 2003 Emmy Awards
from Miss Match
from Various Sources
  • Various Sources

    Alicia Silverstone

    Alicia Silverstone bending over and giving us a glimpse down her top at her breasts and bra from an MTV show.

    Sexy 0:20 - 6.25 MB - 320x236 px January 6th, 2000 @ 1:01 am AS-BRA-1.AVI