from The Notebook (2004)
from My Name Is Tanino
from To the Wonder
from Passion (2012)
from The Time Traveler's Wife
from Morning Glory
from About Time
  • About Time

    Rachel McAdams

    Rachel McAdams of The Notebook fame undressing as a guy watches, unzipping her jacket to expose her bra and then pulling down her pants to reveal her underwear. She stands in her bra and panties for a bit before reaching back and unhooking her bra. We then see her from behind as she tosses the bra aside before giving us a frontal view again as she stands with her hands holding her breasts. From About Time.

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from The Hot Chick
from Southpaw
  • Southpaw

    Rachel McAdams

    Rachel McAdams straddling a guy on a bed in a low cut dress with an animal print bra as he checks out her cleavage and then has her suck on his finger briefly and lick it a bit as they talk until finally she pulls her dress up to reveal her ass in animal print thong panties and then starts kissing him as she leans forward showing her cleavage a bit more. From Southpaw.

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  • Southpaw

    Rachel McAdams

    Rachel McAdams wearing an opened black robe with a pink bra and black panties underneath as she walks around in front of a mirror and then with a guy into a walk-in closet before seen in front of the mirror again all during a quick montage of cuts. From Southpaw.

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