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    Andrea Londo

    Lex Scott Davis disrobing and joining a guy in a shower, standing in his arms as Andrea Londo then walks into the room, also dropping her robe and showing her butt and breasts. She joins the other two in the shower and we see breasts from Lex but with no nipples as she and the guy begin to have sex up against the shower wall. Andrea then turns around and he has sex with her from behind before the two girls kiss. The threesome then continues with Andrea straddling the guy's face and Lex riding him, the two girls facing each other and kissing some more. Finally, we get one more topless view of Andrea as she and Lex recline in the guy's arms afterward. From SuperFly.

    2:28 - 96.35 MB - 1920x1030 px August 28th, 2018 @ 7:48 am Andrea Londo & Lex Scott Davis - SuperFly.mp4
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