from Basic Instinct
  • Basic Instinct

    Jeanne Tripplehorn

    Jeanne Tripplehorn having her great breasts exposed as a guy squeezes them and then tears her panties off so that he can sex with her from behind in a hot love scene. Afterward, we see her topless again as she talks to the guy and then walks across the room. From the unrated version of Basic Instinct. Updated to higher quality.

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from Sliding doors
  • Sliding doors

    Jeanne Tripplehorn

    Jeanne Tripplehorn kissing a guy and then being interrupted as she finishes having sex with a guy on a bed. We then see Jeanne sitting on the edge of the bed in a black slip, leaning over a bit so that the slip hangs open and reveals a good portion of her right breast, including her nipple. From Sliding doors.

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from Swept Away (2002)